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5 GREAT Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays

It may seem counter intuitive, but December is actually an excellent time to shop for a home!  Let’s find out why...

1. Limited Competition: In December, there can be very little competition when writing an offer. Most people are at home, gathered around the Christmas tree and can’t fathom adding looking at homes and writing offers to their “to-do” list.  But savvy people will make the time and keep their eyes peeled for the perfect property.

2. Tax Benefits: Looking for some end-of-year tax deductions? If you close your home purchase before the end of the year, you may be able to deduct certain costs from your 2018 tax return. Check with your favorite tax professional!

3. Motivated Sellers: You may come across a seller that needs to move their property for a reason other than this just being the best time to list.  YOU could be just the person to help them move that piece of property sooner than later!

4. You Get A Realistic Look at Properties: While you may not be able to see what the home looks like with all the flowers in bloom, you and your home inspector will be able to gauge how this property holds up under certain weather conditions, how well the heater runs and any structural issues than may not be apparent without rain, wind or lower temperatures. *Plus, it’s always fun to see how cozy and inviting a home might feel during the holidays!

5. Rates Are Still Low: and their are some great programs that we can get you qualified for that may require a lot less money down than you think!

If we got your wheels spinning and you’d like to start shopping NOW instead of waiting till the beginning of the year - like LOTS of other buyers, call Broker Associate, Jeff Brang directly at 626.664.9998!

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